Baby Penguin Survives the Lions’ Den

A baby African penguin somehow had escaped its enclosure at the Allwetterzoo Münster and wandered into the enclosure for the zoo’s lions. It is believed that the penguin had walked across the frozen ice of the pool surrounding its enclosure and waddled off. After coming up the path to the lions’ enclosure, it made a big leap onto the partially frozen moat. Luckily for the chick the lions were asleep inside their den. The zookeepers were able to coax the penguin out of the enclosure with a trail of herring. The brave penguin has since been named “Leona” after her daring adventure.

Am I the only one wondering why there are African penguins in an outdoor enclosure where there’s snowfall possible? Brrrr! A little chilly for a temperate climate penguin, I think.

[via Allwetterzoo Münster]


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One response to “Baby Penguin Survives the Lions’ Den

  1. Roxy

    Omg that is so cute. What a brave little girl. Thanks for posting this story, it’s a good start to my long day :-)

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