Penguin Awareness Day

Happy Penguin Awareness Day! The time of year to think a little extra of the spheniscadae persuasion.

  • Wear penguin-y colors. Maybe black pants with a white shirt?
  • If you can, go see some penguins. This may be at the zoo, aquarium, or a local colony for you lucky fellows in Australia and South Africa.
  • Watch a movie or video that is about penguins or just has a penguin in it.
  • Go to the library and find some penguin related material to read whether it be fiction or non-fiction.
  • Search the Internet for penguin information. A good place to start is Wikipedia or even Penguins!
  • Play some penguin themed or oriented games whether they be Internet-based, board-games, or imaginary.
  • Walk around all day like a penguin.
  • Draw and color some penguins. Here’s a fairly easy tutorial on drawing one.
  • Do some penguin-y activities. Waddle around, go tobogganing, etc.
  • Support a conservation group such as SANCCOB or the Penguin Foundation. If you’re into wine, you can help by buying some wine made by the Little Penguin as proceeds from their sales are donated to the Penguin Foundation.

Feel free to drop a comment and tell us what you did on Penguin Awareness Day. We would love to hear about it!



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2 responses to “Penguin Awareness Day

  1. Roxy

    I wore black pants, black top with white over-shirt on and a penguin hat. I told penguin jokes and played with a wind up penguin toy. It was an awesome day!!

  2. Thanks to a staff member’s love of penguins, the North Bend Public Library (North Bend, Oregon, USA) celebrated Penguin Awareness Day in style. We have had displays, penguin information sheets and penguin fact bookmarks in the library all week. Today (1/20/12) almost all of us dressed for the occasion, and showed off our waddling and flapping. One staff member teased her hair and used make-up to imitate a Rock-hopper (tufted) penguin). We had a great day!

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