Emperor Penguins grieve from the loss of their chicks

A heart-wrenching photograph of an Emperor penguin in grief over the death of many of their chicks. The cause of this mass death is unknown but scientists claim it’s not unheard of. With the reports of birds dropping from the skies, masses of fish floating in rivers, and whatnot, it gets me deeper with my appreciation of this particular animal. I’m sad to hear about this and don’t know exactly what else to say.

[via news.com.au]



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3 responses to “Emperor Penguins grieve from the loss of their chicks

  1. Karen Lorentzson

    this is enviroment they probably starved between the corexit that has killed our waters no plankton and the 911 nuclear blast and wormwood and spent uranium bombs in middle east killing all life seems to be the agenda of the oil cartel. legalize hemp the first diesel engine was designed to run on hemp oil not diesel fossil fuesl, there would be no oil war and we would see life rebound! this is so sad and could be avoided but now that corexit has been sprayed in millions of gallons along with arsenic we are doomed this is just the beginning wake up and get angry and demand a change while you still can! this is happening due to oil!

  2. Drew Scott

    It’s not really that sad.

    • Drew Scott

      In fact, that is no evidence that penguins mourn their dead at all. I’m so tired of people applying human emotions onto animals. Animals don’t have the same thought pattern as human, when will you people understand this.

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