World Penguin Day

April 25th marks the start of the Adelie penguins’ migration northward into the surrounding Antarctic seas. They will swim only about a few hundred miles (or 600km), where they’ll stay aloft among the icebergs, chowing down on the krill and other penguin-y favorites.

600 kilometers? That’s not too far to “migrate.” True. They don’t really go anywhere. Since April is part of the Antarctic “winter”, it gets darker down there and the Adelies find it very hard to see in the darker days so they’ll travel north where it’s a bit brighter to hunt for food and come back in the “spring.”

Hope today is a educational yet fun Penguin Day for you! If you have time, learn some more about penguins or maybe do something penguin-like whether it be checking them out at the zoo/aquarium or finding an activity that incorporates them in a fun way.

Happy World Penguin Day!

Bonus! Here’s  a short educational video about Adelie penguins in general.



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12 responses to “World Penguin Day

  1. Great Writeup Penguin Geek! Perhaps you and your readers will enjoy a penguin cartoon celebrating World Penguin Day Two Penguins, One Iceberg – World Penguin Day

  2. Very nice, Doug! I like it, and have added a link to your site on the sidebar. Thank you!

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  4. I was looking for penguin information, and I tripped over your site. Pictures of my brothers! LOL. In any case, I found myself reading through them. Thank you for your posts. :)

    Patt the Penguin

    Penguins Unite!

  5. oops, just left a comment on an old post…

    Happy World Penguin Day and good luck to the Adélies in their migration.

    (ps: my podcast pic is of a Magellanic pengin, which is technically a jackass-penguin). If you enjoy instrumental jazz while reading about penguins, you’re invited to check

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