World Penguin Day 2013


It’s that time of year again! April 25th marks the start of the migration period for the Adelie penguins. They swim northward into the surrounding Antarctic ocean about 600 kilometers (about 350-400 miles) where they will stay aloft among the icebergs. They’ll dine on penguin-y favorites such as krill and keep themselves busy diving, swimming, and preserving their population.

April is part of the Antarctic winter so it becomes darker that far south quicker and the Adelies cannot see too well during this season. So while 600 kilometers isn’t too far, it’s quite far enough to go to enjoy the sunlight more often during the day time.

Find something fun to do for today that’s penguin related. If you have time, check them out at your favorite zoo or aquarium. Read a book about them and expand your knowledge. Teach others about what today represents (for extra fun, use hand puppets!). Also give a moment to sign the petition at the Antarctic Oceans Alliance to help preserve the Antarctic Ocean and its marine inhabitants.

Enjoy the penguins and happy World Penguin Day!


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