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Snow Penguin at the Tennessee Aquarium

‘Snow penguin’ seen outside Tennessee Aquarium

[via Chattanooga Times Free Press]



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Polar Bear Vacation

This picture was made by ~Bob-Rz on DeviantArt. I thought it was great and wanted to share it with everyone.

Artist’s Comments

ok, i know what you’re gonna say. “but Bob, polar bears and penguins don’t live on the same pole.” but none of you were gonna say, “but Bob, how did that bear get it’s paws on a bowling ball?”

the answer is simple, the same way he got that plane ticket to the south pole — he bought it.


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Macaroni Penguin in colored pencil

Saw this at 

Macaroni Penguin in colored pencil

Ractelbeast writes: This is the first time I have ever tried to draw with colored pencil, and it was kind of like an experiment for me. I am definitely a beginner as I have never taken a drawing/art course. I am unsure if art is something that I would like to pursue but I would appreciate any criticism or helpful hints.


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