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Penguin Mothers

My wife found this comic for me. It’s from May 11, 2003, from An interesting take on penguins feeding their young and questions about their fuzzy appearance. Click the image below for the full size comic.



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“I gotta be me!”

The Far Side 02-04-07


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Poor, poor Edgar

The Far Side 01-15-07

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Penguin Art – Online Comic

A few days ago, I found this funny online comic about penguins. Overlord Ro’s humor is witty and the commentary about his weekly happenings is entertaining while sometimes giving us a peek on his progress on world domination. I immediately had to send him an email to tell him that I liked his comic and that I’ve placed a link to it on this blog. I just got his reply and the member newsletter where I noticed I got a mention for this site there and on this week’s commentary. Thanks a bunch, Ro! Keep with the comic. I’m loving it. Be sure to check it out, everyone.


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