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Penguin Poop – Chocolate Candy

It never ends does it? I must learn where the marketing department found that people like to eat poop. Here we have another contender for candy loosely resembling penguin pooh. At least it’s not in an automatic dispenser.

“Penguin Poop” – Chocolate Candy. Are you struggling to find a penguin gift for the person that has everything? How about one of our famous jars of “Penguin Poop”? Besides being a fantastic penguin conversation piece, the chocolate rock candy really tastes great. Why not buy a case and stock up for that long hard penguin winter?

7.2 OZ resealable jars

At least the candy doesn’t actually resemble real penguin poop. That’d be quite disgusting. Maybe it could be an ICEE or ice cream flavor. No, no. Ew. Nevermind.

[via PenguinsLand]



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Penguin Pooper Candy Dispenser

And another one from the penguin pooh department:

He’s a little, wind-up penguin. When you wind him up and let him go, he waddles across the table, flapping his wings as he moves. And every few steps, he poops out a little piece of candy. Just add him to your Linux collection of Tux penguins.

This candy pooper makes quite a conversation piece on your desk, and what an entertaining way to dispense that mid-afternoon candy during a busy workday.

[via Penguinsland]

And I thought the poohing candy ended at that Easter Bunny dispenser that we saw last spring. Was I ever wrong, and how!


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Penguin Teaboy


Tea too strong? Too weak? Problem solved.

Our nattily attired tea penguin always brews the perfect cup. Set the timer for your ideal brew time (from 1 minute up to 20) and he lowers the teabag into the water. When the time is up, he lifts it out. Couldn’t be simpler or more fun. 3″ diameter, 8″ tall.

[via Signals]

Wow. Now there’s a clever little idea. No big feat, but it’s very cute plus the penguin looks very smart.


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Penguin Ice Cream at Baskin-Robbins

Inspired by the upcoming animated film, Surf’s Up, Baskin-Robbins is bringing its consumers a couple of tasty treats to… well, consume!

The two flavors are “Penguin Swirl” and “Splish Splash” which both sound like good flavors to try. Even though the Penguin Swirl is partly colored black, it’s not licorice, thank goodness. It’s actually a mixed berry flavor swirled with their own Tutti Frutti ice. Splish Splash looks like it will be scrumptious as well with its blue raspberry and blueberry combination. I hear they also have a special cone with a penguin frosted on its side.

These two flavors are for a limited time only and won’t be available after August 19th.

There aren’t many Baskin-Robbins near me. I can only think of two off-hand but one of them is close by work so I may need to head out there on a lunch break soon!


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Penguin Waffles

I love penguins. I love waffles. Can’t I have both… at the same time? Apparently I can! Sunbeam makes a waffle iron called Woddles that molds the batter into cute little penguin shapes. That is brilliant if not absolute sheer genius!

Borrowing some pictures from another blog, I’d like to show what these little guys look like after they’ve been popped from the iron. They even have an indent where you can place a scoop of ice cream or maybe just a lake of syrup! Yum…


Woddles (WM3100)
Make fun penguin shaped waffles in minutes with Woddles. He even has an indent in his tummy to scoop the ice-cream in to. Yummy!
RRP $29.95
Creates penguin shaped waffles in minutes
Easy to clean, non-stick cooking plates
Safety latch
Neon ‘on’ light


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