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Penguin CD Storage Case

Now here’s CD case that I wouldn’t mind having!

The CD carrying bag is made with a cloth hand strip, easy to carry. It saves your storage space, can be numbered, holds CDs and liner notes in both sides easily. It can protect your CDs in good condition.


  • Brand new Colorful Penguins Pattern CD Carrying Storage Case Bag Holder, never used before!
  • Fashion sleek design with zipper, easy to insert and remove .
  • The Penguins Pattern CD Holder  is made from durable fabric.
  • Lovely Penguins Pattern set in the CD Carrying Bag looks quite fashionable .
  • The CD Carrying Storage saves your storage space, can be numbered, holds CDs and liner notes in both sides easily
  • Inner CD Case Holder protects CDs from dust, damp, scratches and corruption
  • Colorful CD Case with a hand strip, easy to carry
  • Ideally hold your CD of music disc, game disc, PC driver disc and so on!
  • Max capacity: 80 Discs
  • Size: 285*154*52mm
  • Weight: 180g
  • Source: SourcingMap


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    Penguiny USB Flash Drive

    Penguin USB Flash Drive

    Wow. Now there’s a cute little penguin shaped USB flash drive. It has a flip-top head to expose the USB connector. If this little guy wasn’t ridiculously priced at $63, I’d want to jump all over it and order one. Novelty is one thing but still.

    [via GeekStuff4U]

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    Penguin Teaboy


    Tea too strong? Too weak? Problem solved.

    Our nattily attired tea penguin always brews the perfect cup. Set the timer for your ideal brew time (from 1 minute up to 20) and he lowers the teabag into the water. When the time is up, he lifts it out. Couldn’t be simpler or more fun. 3″ diameter, 8″ tall.

    [via Signals]

    Wow. Now there’s a clever little idea. No big feat, but it’s very cute plus the penguin looks very smart.


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    Penguin controlled home?

    Leave it to the Japanese to create a home environment control panel to not only help you control your electrical consumption but also allow it to be controlled by penguins. I don’t have much information on this product but it looks very interesting. These little guys will let you know if you’re doing a good job in keeping your power consumption down or berate you anime-style if you’re being a energy hog.

    [via Akihabara News]

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    Penguin Waffles

    I love penguins. I love waffles. Can’t I have both… at the same time? Apparently I can! Sunbeam makes a waffle iron called Woddles that molds the batter into cute little penguin shapes. That is brilliant if not absolute sheer genius!

    Borrowing some pictures from another blog, I’d like to show what these little guys look like after they’ve been popped from the iron. They even have an indent where you can place a scoop of ice cream or maybe just a lake of syrup! Yum…


    Woddles (WM3100)
    Make fun penguin shaped waffles in minutes with Woddles. He even has an indent in his tummy to scoop the ice-cream in to. Yummy!
    RRP $29.95
    Creates penguin shaped waffles in minutes
    Easy to clean, non-stick cooking plates
    Safety latch
    Neon ‘on’ light


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    Tuxedoed Lighting

    Pinguino Lamp

    Pinguino Lamps

     Now here’s a nice accent piece for a desk or even a modern style living room. Usually modern’s not our taste but this could be an exception. I wonder if I could requisition one for my desk at work…

    Add the charm and elegance of nature’s classiest animal to your office or home with this sleek, modernist lamp. An ideal companion on a desk, vanity or bedside table, each of these critters stands on its own two feet to add a little light to your life. And it has a convenient switch in back, too.

    Uses a 20-watt G4 halogen bulb, included. Imported.
    Price: $50.00
    Size: 15 inches tall by 4.5 inches in diameter

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    Penguin Luggage, anyone?


    Dinky Upright Penguin Luggage

    We all know how stressful traveling with children can be, especially with the appalling state of American airports. I don’t want to get political on anyone here, but I will say my willingness to take road trips has gone way up in recent years. Help yourself out with carrying luggage by giving your children control over their own bags, and nothing is more delightful than a suitcase that looks like a penguin.

    This is as full-featured as a regular suitcase, and features wheels as well as a collapsible handle so you can roll it around the airport. Even the price, $62, is easy on the wallet. I will say the top is a little disturbing, the penguins head ends…abruptly.

    That’s some cute little suitcase there. I bet my daughter would love one of those since she’s becoming quite the penguin aficionado.


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