Adelie Penguins

AdelieScientific Name
Pygoscelis adeliae

Distinguishing Features
Adelies have white fronts and black backs. Their heads are usually totally black with a white ring around their eyes. Adelie chicks have a gray/black plumage that’s uniform on their bodies.

Height & Weight
Adults are around 70 to 75cm tall. Males weigh from 4.4 to 5.4kg while females are lighter at 3.9 to 4.8kg.

Breeding & Population
Adelie penguins breed on exposed rock around the Antarctic continent. There are reportedly 177 separate sites with over 1,000 colonies.

The total breeding population is estimated at about 2,000,000 pairs although their numbers have been declining dramatically in the past few decades.

Adelies build their nests using stones. They lay two eggs which are incubated for 32 to 34 days. The parents take turns sitting on the eggs in roughly 2 week shifts. Once hatched, the chicks remain in the nest for 22 days before joining creches. The chicks will moult into their juvenile plumage and go out to sea after 50 to 60 days.

Adelie penguins live almost exclusively on krill.

Alternate Names


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  1. Taiya

    I LOVE YOURE WEBSITE!!! I am a penguin geek to!!! Youre website gives me a lot of info. THANKS!

  2. no one in particular

    thx for the info i hav to do a project on adelies and this info helped heaps

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