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Big success for Little Penguin project

A project to protect Little Penguins nesting along the Derwent Estuary is having positive results.

Numbers of breeding pairs have increased significantly since the project began four years ago.

Over the years the Derwent Estuary’s little penguin population has declined rapidly because of attacks by dogs and cats.

They have also suffered from the development of sea walls along a number of beaches which have stopped them getting to nesting grounds.

But a project to protect the penguins is having success.

Conservationists from the Department of Primary Industries and Water have been installing artificial burrows to provide a safe environment and monitor breeding patterns.

Four years ago there were only 90 breeding pairs.

There are now 190.

[via abc.net.au]


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Little Blue on Bruny Neck, Tasmania

Credit: David Walsh
An excellent nighttime photograph of a little blue taken on Bruny Neck, Tasmania. David Walsh says that this photo was taken “with a 70-200mm 2.8 IS L-series lens, with a red covering over a torch so as not to confused the penguins.” Indeed. Orange-red light is much more gentler on the penguins’ eyes that white/yellow light. Those who wish to see them when they come back to their burrows must do what they can to not disturb or confuse them.

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