Four African Black-footed Penguins Hatched at Georgia Aquarium

African Penguin and a Chick

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but some newborn penguin chicks may be finding it delightful at the Georgia Aquarium.

That’s right, four baby African penguins have just made their debut after a few weeks of care by aquarium staff. This is the fourth consecutive year of penguin hatchings for the aquarium’s Georgia-Pacific Penguin Nursery.

The African penguin is listed as an endangered species under the United States Endangered Species Act and the International Union of Conservation of Nature.

According to the Georgia Aquarium, penguins’ stiff, overlapping feathers trap warm air near their skin to keep them nice and toasty. They have over 300 feathers per square inch on their bodies. Along with a layer of blubber for warmth, the birds have special gland under the tail that secretes wind and waterproof oil which they rub over their feathers. Scientists remain baffled on why they have to be so cute.

via 90.1FM WABE

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Mutant “Blond” Penguin Spotted in Antarctica


Travelers on a National Geographic – Lindblad expedition to Antarctica came across a leucistic chinstrap penguin. Unusual light coloring sets this penguin apart from its black-and-white brethren. Often mistaken for albinos, leucistic birds have a genetic mutation that restricts the dissemination of pigment to feathers.

Source: National Geographic

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World Penguin Day 2013


It’s that time of year again! April 25th marks the start of the migration period for the Adelie penguins. They swim northward into the surrounding Antarctic ocean about 600 kilometers (about 350-400 miles) where they will stay aloft among the icebergs. They’ll dine on penguin-y favorites such as krill and keep themselves busy diving, swimming, and preserving their population.

April is part of the Antarctic winter so it becomes darker that far south quicker and the Adelies cannot see too well during this season. So while 600 kilometers isn’t too far, it’s quite far enough to go to enjoy the sunlight more often during the day time.

Find something fun to do for today that’s penguin related. If you have time, check them out at your favorite zoo or aquarium. Read a book about them and expand your knowledge. Teach others about what today represents (for extra fun, use hand puppets!). Also give a moment to sign the petition at the Antarctic Oceans Alliance to help preserve the Antarctic Ocean and its marine inhabitants.

Enjoy the penguins and happy World Penguin Day!

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World Penguin Day

April 25th marks the start of the Adelie penguins’ migration northward into the surrounding Antarctic seas. They will swim only about a few hundred miles (or 600km), where they’ll stay aloft among the icebergs, chowing down on the krill and other penguin-y favorites.

600 kilometers? That’s not too far to “migrate.” True. They don’t really go anywhere. Since April is part of the Antarctic “winter”, it gets darker down there and the Adelies find it very hard to see in the darker days so they’ll travel north where it’s a bit brighter to hunt for food and come back in the “spring.”

Hope today is a educational yet fun Penguin Day for you! If you have time, learn some more about penguins or maybe do something penguin-like whether it be checking them out at the zoo/aquarium or finding an activity that incorporates them in a fun way.

Happy World Penguin Day!

Bonus! Here’s  a short educational video about Adelie penguins in general.


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Penguin Palooza opens March 26

The Newport Aquarium’s newly renovated penguin exhibit sponsored by Kroger, dubbed “Penguin Palooza” will open its doors on March 26th, showcasing more penguins and even interactive features. Along with the King, Gentoo, and Chinstrap penguins, the exhibit will now feature six Rockhoppers making the Newport Aquarium’s penguin habitat one of the most diverse in the country. The Rockhopper is commonly recognized by its yellow crested feathers above its red eyes. Also they will be hosting six Inca Terns (not a penguin), a uniquely plumed bird found on the coasts of Peru and Chile. Of course, we can’t forget about the African Blackfooted penguins that aren’t in the regular exhibit since they’re temperate climate. Randy, Paula, and Simon are featured for the daily Penguin Parade and the Penguin Encounter up-close program.

The exhibit will feature rock formations which the aquarium had worked with experts to design, giving the penguins more variety in paths and nesting areas. There will also be a new show in store for guests with a presenter who will entertain guests with penguin facts and will interact with animated penguin characters on the exhibit’s new high definition video board. Guests will also enjoy newly, expanded seating to sit up close and watch the penguins play and swim. If that’s not enough, there will also be a Penguin Playground in which children will be able to entertain (and educate) themselves with interactive activities, maps of penguin habitats, “fast fact” video displays, and photo opportunities with life-size penguin sculptures.

Wow! What a revamp. I can’t wait to visit the Newport Aquarium to see their new exhibit. Annual Passholders will be able to get an hour sneak-peek on March 26 (9am-10am) while the doors open to the public at 10am. (Ooh! Wish I had a pass!) Their penguins are pretty much the sole reason I go to the aquarium. I’m glad they save the best for last.

[Penguin Palooza @ Newport Aquarium]

Newport Aquarium’s Newsletter – inDepth_Spring_2011

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Humboldt Penguins Feel at Home in Sofia’s Zoo

The eight Humboldt penguins which are housed in the Sofia Zoo for the third day now, are adapting normally and are in great condition.

The information was reported Saturday for the Bulgarian National Radio, BNR, by the Zoo Director, Dr. Ivan Ivanov.

“They have adapted almost in full, and it depends on the weather if they will be let out because the forecast for the beginning of the week is for freezing cold. They have not hatched in their natural environment and must be kept warm. We will let them out when temperatures reach at least 7 degrees Celsius. They walk, swim and are very interesting. They play with the workers and started eating fish” Ivanov says.

The penguins are going to stay at the Sofia Zoo for about a year to a year in a half. If they have offspring during this time, the babies are to remain in Sofia.


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Emperor Penguins grieve from the loss of their chicks

A heart-wrenching photograph of an Emperor penguin in grief over the death of many of their chicks. The cause of this mass death is unknown but scientists claim it’s not unheard of. With the reports of birds dropping from the skies, masses of fish floating in rivers, and whatnot, it gets me deeper with my appreciation of this particular animal. I’m sad to hear about this and don’t know exactly what else to say.



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