When most people think of the different kinds of penguins, they’re possibly only thinking of the Emperor Penguins that live in Antarctica like the ones they saw in March of the Penguins. There are actually 17 different species of penguin. In the wild, they all live in the southern hemisphere although not all of them live in the antarcic region. There are species of penguin that live on the coasts of South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the Galapagos Islands.

Name Scientific Height Weight Natural Habitat
Adelie Pygoscelis adeliae 75cm 3-6kg Antarctica
African/Blackfooted Spheniscus demersus 63cm 2-5kg Coasts of South Africa
Chinstrap Pygoscelis antarctica 75cm 4kg North Graham Land, South Shetlands & South Orkneys, South Sandwich & Bouret Island
Emperor Aptenodytes fosteri 120cm 23-45kg Antarctica
Erect-Crested Eudyptes sclateri 70cm 3.3-4.5kg Bounty, Campbell, Antipodes & Auckland Islands
Fiordland Crested Eudyptes pachyrhynchus 50-70cm 2.8-5.1kg Southern New Zealand & nearby islands
Galapagos Spheniscus mendiculus 50cm 1.7-2.8kg Galapagos Islands
Gentoo Pygoscelis papua 75cm 4.5-8kg Antarctic & Sub-Antarctic Islands
Humboldt Spheniscus humboldti 68cm 4.1-5.8kg Coasts of Peru & Chile
King Aptenodytes patagonicus 90cm 14-18kg Antarctic & Sub-Antarctic Islands
Little Blue (Fairy) Eudyptula minor 40cm 0.7-2.0kg Southern Australia
Macaroni Eudyptes chrysolophys 66-76cm 3-6kg Sub-Antarctic Islands
Magellanic Spheniscus magallnicus 70cm 0.9-7.9kg Coasts of Patagonia & Falkland Islands
Rockhopper Eudyptes chrysocome 63cm 2.0-3.2kg Sub-Antarctic Islands
Royal Eudyptes schlegeli 68-75cm 4.3-7.0kg Macquaries & Campbell Islands and New Zealand
Snares Eudyptes robustus 73cm 2.3-4.3kg Snares Island
Yellow-eyed Megadyptes antipodes 75cm 3.9-8.4kg Southeast New Zealand

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